Wellington City Council to cut 33 IT jobs; “astounding,” says PSA

Press Release – Public Service Association
The Public Service Association says a new proposal to restructure the Wellington City Council’s IT team now, while also proposing another restructure in just 18 months’ time, is astounding.

Brenda Pilott, PSA National Secretary, said “Wellington City Council has set a goal of reducing staff turnover rates, yet they are dumping 16 hardworking IT staff.”

“The Council is proposing to cut 33 positions in a unit that has been restructured every 18 months since 2004.

“Wellington City is trying to be a hub for IT and online business, but its Council is cutting their own capacity in this important area.

“Staff have been told to expect another restructure in 18 months, which begs the question of why the Council can’t work with staff and their union to find a lasting solution.

“The first step towards reducing turnover is building a positive, secure workplace culture, which can’t happen alongside seemingly endless restructuring,” said Brenda Pilott.

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  1. Alana, 2. April 2014, 22:32

    We all know that quality, reliable professionals are essential to deliver government services. Astounding that this is happening – as well as the loss of efficient, effective committee staff.

  2. Nora, 3. April 2014, 8:55

    Would be interesting to know what the turnover in staff has been. I was told recently 33% in the last year. If true, how much Institutional Knowledge is lost?

  3. Ex-WCC IT staff member, 3. April 2014, 10:20

    I used to work in WCC IT. I’m glad I escaped to a private sector company that pays far better and values its staff (though the workload is lighter in my new job). It’s horrible for those who have stayed – a permanent feeling of insecurity. The best thing you can do is leave and head for companies that value employees – most likely out of Wgtn!

  4. WCC staff member, 9. April 2014, 8:54

    Wow, so much for the culture change that is supposed to be happening around here at the moment. I am shocked by these changes being made, especially as a staff member (not in the IT area) but in a capacity where we rely so much of the institutional knowledge these guys to “just get things done” rather than having to do work arounds because new staff have no idea.


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