What are they hiding? Flyover opponents call for 3D model

Opponents of the proposed Basin Reserve flyover have called for NZTA to produce a three-dimensional model of the project and put it on public display.

Craig Palmer, appearing before the board, said there had been a number of requests for a model to be produced. It was impossible to get a clear picture of the project just by looking at two-dimensional computer-genenrated artist’s impressions, he said. ‘Few people understand the sort of drawings produced by NZTA, and they give no real idea of the height and extent of the flyover and how it would relate to the surrounding area.’

In the case of the waterfront, it was only when a detailed model of proposed developments was produced that the public could see what was actually planned. ‘The result was nearly 2,000 people packed out the Town Hall in protest.’

Another opponent of the flyover, Pamela Tregonning, said she had raised the issue at a submitters’ meeting and been firmly told by NZTA representatives that no such model would be produced.

‘They were not even prepared to discuss it,’ she said.

‘It seems extraordinary that for a project costing $90 million and threatening to destroy a valuable heritage precinct, the agency can’t bring itself to produce a proper model showing the public what it wants to do. You can only wonder what they have to hide.’




  1. TF, 14. April 2014, 14:21

    Typical NZTA spin doctoring. They’ll spend millions on animations from the drivers’ point of view – an easy sell. But they’ll stonewall anything that doesn’t suit them. Build a blimin model – many projects from a house up get one – because they make things clear.

  2. Mark, 14. April 2014, 17:25

    And yet they don’t need to spend a penny to provide what’s asked – a full release of the CAD data is all that’s needed, and a multitude of tools exist to visualise the design in 3D reconstruction software. Aren’t NZTA funded by the public? We want what we’ve paid for – release the CAD designs, and we can see and evaluate for ourselves what things will really look like. Fair play?

  3. Ron Beernink, 15. April 2014, 9:21

    That’s the sad part: that we are funding the NZTA with all their experts and lawyers, but when it comes to fighting this proposal, there is no money made available for the public submission to be supported in the same way. With a fund available, we (the public opposing the proposal) could have built our own model.


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