PHOTOS: Flowers and puppies, rain and shine for royals’ last day in Wellington

crowd 5
Twitter photo from British Royals

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were presented with flowers during their walk through Civic Square this morning.

Photo from Governor-General

Plenty of Wellingtonians turned out to smile, and to be smiled at.

crowd royals april 14
Photo from City Gallery

Because of early rain, first arrivals brought umbrellas to see the visiting royal couple on the last day of their New Zealand stay.

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Photo by David Lee

But the rain stopped shortly before they were due to arrive. And the official visitors’ book was brought out from under cover.

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Photo from Governor-General

Umbrellas weren’t needed when the official signatures were added to the book. Note the happiness of the mayor and councillors, behind the visitors.

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Photo from Angela Meyer

Looking down on Civic Square, you could see that most umbrellas had been put away by the time the brief walk was starting.

crowd 2
Photo from NZ Police

But earlier this morning, umbrellas were necessary for the royals’ visit to the Police College in Porirua.

dogs with royals april 2014

Under cover, the police showed off some of their police-dogs-in-training, who were honoured by some royal attention.

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