Second sexual attack on young woman near Victoria University

A second sexually motivated attack near Victoria University has confirmed a police warning that a repeat offender is preying on vulnerable young women in the area.

The attack in Kelburn early this morning was 24 hours after a similar incident in the same area yesterday morning.

The New Zealand Herald reports that police say a young woman had been walking home to her house near the Boyd Wilson Field about 1am today; she had walked home with two friends, but as she walked up an access way towards her house a man spoke to her and then indecently assaulted her before she ran into her home.

After a similar attack on Saturday morning, police said the area (between the Terrace and Boyd Wilson Field) is isolated, dark and surrounded by bushes and trees. A man is using this area to wait for women to walk through alone and then attack them.

Police have warned women not to walk alone in the area at night.

Five days before first attack, Salient identified the danger


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