Wellington MPs challenge Judith Collins about links with Oravida

Wellington MPs were prominent during yesterday’s dramatic question time in Parliament, when Justice Minister Judith Collins was under continuing pressure about her connections with the export company Oravida. Her husband is a director of five Oravida companies.

Wellington South MP Grant Robertson challenged the Minister about her visit to Oravida’s offices when she was in Shanghai in October.

He said later: “Rather than doing work in her portfolio area, she orchestrated a visit which official documents describe as a being to ‘increase the profile’ of her husband’s company. Judith Collins has consistently misled Parliament and the public over her visit to Oravida.”

Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard was told to leave the House after an interjection in which he suggested that Ms Collins’ family had made quite a lot of money from Oravida.

Radio New Zealand reported the incident, in which the minister objected and said she was offended by Mr Mallard’s insinuation.

Speaker David Carter asked Mr Mallard to withdraw the comment but the MP refused.

Mr Mallard: “Mr Speaker, I will not withdraw the truth …”

Mr Carter: Order, order – then the Honourable Trevor Mallard will leave the chamber.”

NZ Herald: “The nation’s top chief executives’ verdict on Collins … a bully.”



  1. Grant Robertson, 7. May 2014, 10:29

    These are the issues I was raising in the House yesterday.- multiple interventions by Judith Collins to include Oravida

  2. Siena Denton, 7. May 2014, 12:38

    I wonder how many National Party members including ministers in their government are private investors in Oravida?

    I wish I were a fairy on the wall.

    Kia kaha Mr. Robertson don’t let up on that “cabinet Rottweiler” who was dubbed by the nation’s top chief executives’ verdict on Collins … a bully.”

  3. awryly, 8. May 2014, 16:47

    There is no doubt both Collins and her keeper, Key, are knee-deep in duplicity over this issue. It remains to be seen how much Collins and her husband stood to gain personally from this deception.

    No doubt Robertson and Peters will, through their OIAs and whistle-blowers, soon show how deep this corruption runs, Meanwhile, National is deservedly losing support that may develop into a landslide for the opposition parties.


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