Bus operator supports electric buses, but wants trolleys to continue

Press Release – NZ Bus
NZ Bus is disappointed with the announcement by the Regional Council today that trolley buses will be phased out in 2017.

NZ Bus Chief Executive Officer Zane Fulljames comments “It does not appear that all options to retain some or all of the trolley services have been adequately considered, particularly as the city moves towards implementation of the transport spine in 2022.”

Nevertheless, Mr Fulljames continues, “NZ Bus supports the move to a fully electric future, provided there is an appropriate recognition that electric technologies are still immature and the timing of the implementation is critical.

“We look forward to working closely with the council to implement these fleet plans as the plans to integrate the network, ticketing and fares in the coming years.”

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  1. City Lad, 13. June 2014, 12:51

    I agree that electric transport technology is still developing.

    The Regional Council spent millions upgrading trolley bus facilities. And this included trolleys having self contained battery packs. These enable buses to remain mobile during power failures etc.

    Any decision to terminate trolleys should be subject to rigorous independent examination. Otherwise, the loss to the city of our existing clean energy transport will be entirely at the behest of council officials.


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