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Loss of carparks an issue in planning for new Island Bay cycleway

News from Newtown Residents Association
The option chosen by the city council for the Island Bay to Berhampore cycleway removes 45 carparks from The Parade.

Some Island Bay residents are a little upset about this.

Had the design ideas embodied in the Newtown Safe Cycleway Network been extended from Berhampore on to the Island Bay segment of this route, only 1.5 metres of carparking space would be lost from each side of each side street.

We wait with interest to see how the Island Bay scheme will be upgraded with safety features at intersections for novice cyclists and school children.

A City Council convened Panel has started work narrowing down the possible options for improving cycling in and through Berhampore and Newtown to Mount Cook.

Their suite of “most promising” will be taken to full public consultation in September.

The Newtown Residents’ Association nominee for the local residents’ seats on the Panel was not successful.

Clare O’Brien from Island Bay and Willemijn Vermaat from Berhampore are the two local residents’ members on the Panel. The other panel members are –
local business owners: Dan Mikkelsen, Laura Newcombe;
people who cycle: Ron Beernink;
Town Belt users: Ray Tuffin.

City Council: Reasons for using a panel