Bus operator disappointed with decision to get rid of trolley buses

Press Release – NZBus
NZ Bus is disappointed with the decision by the Greater Wellington Regional Council to phase out trolley bus services in 2017.

NZ Bus Chief Executive Zane Fulljames says that the Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) has made steps in the right direction to improving Wellington’s public transport network but time will tell if the Council has got the trolley decision right.

“We are strong advocates of modernising Wellington’s bus network to make it more efficient, reliable and accessible for everyone. While today’s decision to terminate trolley bus services is disappointing we will take some time to reflect on how this will impact on our business.

“What is most important now is that a clear and sensible transition plan is developed which provides certainty for all parties. A collaborative and well-reasoned approach is required, and we look forward to working with GWRC to develop the plan,” says Mr Fulljames.

NZ Bus supports the Council showing real intent to make Wellington’s public transport first class and the steps being taken to implement integrated ticketing, the Transport Spine and Bus Rapid Transport have its full support as a key operational partner.

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  1. peter@east-welly, 27. June 2014, 11:57

    What a terrible conundrum. NZ Bus spent money upgrading their trolley buses on the expectation that they would have a shelf life of another few years. The company that owns the overhead lines has been investing money in up-grading them, making the infrastructure more secure and reliable on the understanding that the contract was on-going. The ‘stickler’ is Wellington Electricity, and the price they want to charge to up-grade the electricity supply. Bugger. If Fran Wilde had not sold it when she was Mayor, then perhaps things would not be so dire. Sometimes you’ve go to use your brain to look at the bigger picture. Clearly, there has been a lack of clear thinking going on in the ‘powers that be’ for quite some time.
    This morning on National Radio, on the Kathryn Ryan show, Fran Wilde and Nicola Young tried to have a discussion over the loss of the trolley buses. It soon degenerated into a ‘shout-fest’. Full credit to Nicola Young for not losing her rag as Fran Wilde talked all over her, not even bothering to answer her questions or allowing her to make a point.
    This was perhaps the worst display of politics since the Muldoon era.


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