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Injured woman winched from bush near Waikanae by rescue helicopter


News from Life Flight Trust
A woman was injured this morning while on a day walk in the Hemi Matenga Memorial Park near Waikanae.

At approximately 11:50 the Life Flight Trust sent the Westpac Rescue Helicopter with a Wellington Free Ambulance Paramedic on board.

The woman’s group had activated their emergency locator beacon, which sent a GPS location to the Rescue Coordination Centre who then passed that information to the helicopter.

“Without the beacon the odds of locating them would have been much slimmer,“ said Life Flight crewman Julian Burn.

Due to the nature of the terrain and dense forest canopy, landing the helicopter was not an option, so the paramedic was winched down into a gap in the bush and hiked to the patient’s location. They were then both winched on-board.

The woman was flown to Wellington Hospital’s Emergency Department to receive treatment for moderate injuries.

The Life Flight Trust is a charity providing air rescue and air ambulance services. It operates the Wellington based Westpac Rescue Helicopter and a nationwide air ambulance service. It relies on support from the public and sponsorship from partners such as Westpac to provide these services. Further information can be obtained from www.lifeflight.org.nz

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