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25-year-old climber seriously injured in fall and slide on Mt Ruapehu

News from NZ Police
A small group of climbers were climbing on the Pinnacle Ridge, Whakapapa when one of the party took a fall on ice and slid approximately 300 metres in an area known as Grand Gully.

Whakapapa Ski Patrol attended to the 25 year old man who received serious head injuries as a result of the fall. He was airlifted to Waikato Hospital by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

At the same time a search and rescue was initiated for a woman from the same climbing party who became stuck on the top of the Pinnacles and was unable to continue.

Taupos’ Greenlea Rescue Helicopter was utilised to deploy a RARO (Ruapehu Alpine Rescue Organisation) team to the area to extract the 23 year old. She was retrieved unharmed.

The group were well equipped and experienced and weather conditions were fine.

At this stage there is no further information in relation to the injured climber.