Rejection of flyover “the only logical decision, based on evidence”

by Joanna Newman
The Save the Basin Campaign congratulates the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry for declining approvals for the proposed Basin Reserve flyover.

The Board of Inquiry has made the only logical decision based on the evidence that emerged during the four-month enquiry hearings.

During the hearings, it became evident that the proposal would have a profound impact on the historic heritage of the Basin Reserve cricket ground and surrounding area, for very little transport gain, and NZ Transport Agency had conducted a biased and incomplete evaluation of alternatives to their flyover plan and ignored all of the improvements already underway in the adjoining War Memorial Park tunnel development.

The Board seems to have listened to the many residents, cyclists, walkers and motorists who explained the unique character of the area and its value to Wellington and the nation, which would have been destroyed by the project.

We’re delighted that the Board has said no to what would have been an unnecessary, expensive, ugly and hugely damaging project. The Board heard from a number of experts that there are major changes underway in how people use transport systems. This decision represents a great opportunity for Wellington to move away from the outdated motorway-and-flyover model of transport planning and towards the sustainable methods of providing access and mobility that are appropriate to a modern capital city in the 21st century.

We hope that the NZTA and the Government have seen sense and will not attempt to overturn this decision. However, if they do try to overturn it, the community will certainly be ready for them.

Joanna Newman is spokesperson for the Save the Basin lobby group.


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  1. Helene Ritchie, 22. July 2014, 15:46

    This is an excellent decision for Wellington City and opens up the opportunity for recognition of our special landscape, heritage, visual amenity and open space character, in any future transport design.

    It reflects the City we have become without compromising in any significant way our transport needs, as the traffic benefits and time advantages were to be minimal.

    It recognises the heritage, open space and amenity value of the Basin reserve.

    Congratulations to all those who worked hard to achieve this outcome

    Helene Ritchie
    Wellington City Councillor
    Natural Environment Portfolio Leader.


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