Nick Leggett devastated by “backward” rejection of flyover

Media release from Porirua City Council
The decision not to proceed with the Basin Reserve flyover is devastating for the Wellington region and is a classic example of why “some form of local government amalgamation needs to happen,” says Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett.

“I’ve noticed some politicians already rejoicing at this backward decision and some others looking to re-allocate the $90 million to their own parochial projects. There still needs to be a future proofed solution at the Basin. This is about an efficient economic highway between Wellington airport and the Manawatu/Rangitikei which in reality is a conduit for prosperity for the lower North Island.”

Nick Leggett says that easy access to Wellington Airport and hospital is vital to Porirua residents, not to mention those on the Kapiti Coast and the Hutt Valley.

“There has been very little ability for other councils in the region to have a formal say on this issue, but this is about connection to vital regional amenities for half a million people within the region. This issue demonstrates to me why Wellington needs to be one council.”

Nick Leggett says this was another project in the economic highway that linked to Transmission Gully, Petone to Grenada and the Kapiti Expressway and that “you can’t separate them out.”

“What worries me is that unless there is a fast, agreed and affordable solution to separate local and regional traffic at the Basin, the business case for the Wellington Airport extension could well fall short and this would be another disaster for us.”



  1. Maximus, 22. July 2014, 22:03

    Respectfully, a word to His Worship the Mayor of Porirua.
    Nick, you are entitled to your opinion, but please, for the love of god, base it on fact. The fact is, as you would know if you have been following the Basin Bridge enquiry, that the problem is not actually the Basin itself, but the blockages on either side of it. The Board of Inquiry heard evidence that conclusively showed the trip from Porirua to Wellington airport would not be speeded up by more than a few seconds on the way to the airport, and by a mere minute and a half on the way back home to Porirua.
    The scheme as proposed by NZTA was not the right answer to the issue. Can you please just understand that, and also understand that this is not a Wellington v Porirua issue – it was decided by an independent Board, working for a national body. Not local government issues at all. Thanks Nick, keep up the (otherwise) good work.

  2. Hayley Robinson, 23. July 2014, 1:02

    Also respectfully, if his worship has designs on a leadership role in any amalgamation, he may wish to reduce the insult quotient evidenced in his written statement above. Cooperation and willingness to listen are critical skills for Mayors, be they leaders of cities or regions. I agree with Maximus that Nick and the Porirua Council are doing some great stuff, and I trust WCC are watching them. I don’t agree that an airport extension would be some sort of economic magic bullet.

  3. John Clarke, 23. July 2014, 9:20

    If Nick Leggett had actually read the report – and I know it’s a huge ask, because it’s got pages and pages and pages of big words in it – he would have seen that one of the reasons the Board gave for declining the flyover was that it wouldn’t deliver the transport benefits Leggett is claiming.

    We clearly need some smarter local body pollies.


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