NZ First wants trams to the airport as alternative to congested roads

News release from NZ First
A light rail link between Wellington city and the airport is a common sense, smart move, says New Zealand First.

“The time is right, following the rejection of the Basin Reserve flyover, for a thorough cost-benefit study to get a true picture of light rail (modern trams) as an alternative to congested roads,” says Transport Spokesperson Denis O’Rourke.

“The rejection of the flyover was the right decision but leaves Wellington with inadequate transport infrastructure.

“One only needs to look at what has been done in hundreds of successful cities.

“The problems being encountered with more and more bigger and ugly roads affecting city dwellers indicate that the light rail alternative needs to be reconsidered, and reconsidered fairly and fully.

“If a genuine cost-benefit study was carried out, taking all relevant factors into account, including a full range of factors from transport generated air pollution to the cost of road accidents, then we would get a true picture of the value of the light rail alternative” he says.

“In addition, it is necessary for the full range of social and economic considerations to be taken into account.

“If the government was not so besotted with its retrograde and massively expensive Roads of National Significance policy, and was willing to fully fund modern electrified passenger light rail services, such as are proposed in New Zealand First’s Railways of National Importance policy, then early progress could be made.”


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  1. Glenn Kingston, 25. July 2014, 22:57

    Yeah right,

    So far Wellington has relied solely on John Key to give us grade separation and decent traffic access to (wait for it) – Tory St as part of the Memorial Park Project.

    My vote will go to a party who promises a solution for East West separated from North South flows at the Basin, Taranaki St & Victoria Sts in BOTH directions. Come on John & Stephen – make it a road of National significance & give Wellington a modern Western Hutt like planned roading solution.

    Bill Young had the 28M solution in the ’80s but the subsequent committees & shilly shallying councils have brought us to a non-event.

    How many businessmen & politicians will we see on public transport to an airport just 4 or 5kms from our CBD? Come on give us a break.

    The decision will now see off Tranzit for another decade & they will concentrate their energy on cities which accept that road transport still has a place in industry & in progress.


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