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McCully vague on when accused Malaysian diplomat will return to Wellington

News from TVNZ
Foreign Minister Murray McCully told TVNZ’s Q+A programme today that the Malaysian diplomat accused of sexually assaulting a Wellington woman will be back in New Zealand ‘sometime soon’.

‘Oh sometime soon, there’s a legal process underway. Look the Malaysian Minister and government are acting completely on the basis that they can have faith in the New Zealand judicial system and the operation of the New Zealand government.’

Murray McCully has told the Malaysian government that diplomat Muhammad Rizalman Ismail is going to get a fair trial in New Zealand.

‘…and I’m doing my level best to make sure that’s the case, and that it’s not prejudiced with a lot of loose talk.’

Mr McCully admitted he hasn’t watched a television interview with the alleged victim.

‘Oh look my job is here to try and make sure that the Malaysian government can have confidence in our system. I’m not going to get tied up in a domestic debate, even though it’s coming close to an election. I know why the Labour Party find it attractive, but we should not trivialise what is an important issue here.’

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