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SPCA wants a café at its new headquarters in the town belt

News from Wellington SPCA
The tender process for the café space at Wellington SPCA’s Animal Care, Education and Community Centre in Wellington’s former Fever Hospital on Alexandra Road is now open.

This is a great opportunity for an experienced café owner to add to Wellington’s already unique café scene. It’s also exciting news for Wellington’s café goers who will be able to enjoy these beautiful historical grounds over a quality coffee and a bite to eat, and will also provide a destination for those making use of Wellington’s Town Belt.

Wellington SPCA will be looking for an experienced café owner who can create a unique family friendly (pets included) environment with ethically sourced food and quality coffee and tea.

The tender will run for six weeks, closing on September 23rd 2014. For all enquires please contact cafe@wellingtonspca.org.nz


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