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IMAGES: Snow cleared, Desert Road reopens; black ice causes crash near Taupo

desert road aug 15 2014
Desert Road this morning – Twitter photo from Chris Noble

desert road more snow aug 2014
Desert Road at midday – NZTA photos

The Desert Road reopened at midday after being closed all morning by snow. And Taupo police blame black ice as a factor in a crash on State Highway One.

The crash was reported at 5am at Hatepe, about 10kms south of Taupo.

One car was on its roof. Three occupants were uninjured and a fourth was to be assessed by ambulance staff.

Police report that sections of the highway in the area are quite treacherous. They ask that motorists drive with caution and watch for ice. Roading contractors

Closer to home this morning, treacherous weather was having other effects …

beached boat 1
Twitter photo by Mike Pethig

… A fishing boat was in trouble at Island Bay after being beached by the stormy seas.

beached boat 2
Photo by Virgil Tedin

By lunchtime, a crane had been called to move the boat out of the water.