Collins must resign after leaking public servant’s name to blogger – PSA

News release from PSA
The Public Service Association says Ministers should not be leaking neutral public servants’ details so they can be attacked for partisan politics, as Judith Collins has admitted following allegations in Dirty Politics by Nicky Hager.

Glenn Barclay, PSA acting National Secretary, said “Public servants must be able to do their jobs without fear of being dragged into partisan politics,”

“Minister Collins has admitted giving the name of a Ministerial Services staffer to blogger Cameron Slater.

“After his name was released, the staff member and his family were subject to abuse and threats from commenters on the Whale Oil blog.

“Minister Collins must take responsibility for her actions and resign, her behaviour falls well below what is expected of our leaders.

“Public servants work hard every day to make New Zealand better, they aren’t political playthings for Ministers and partisan bloggers,” said Glenn Barclay.


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  1. robbie, 18. August 2014, 15:14

    The public service is supposed to be able to provide free and frank advice to the government of the day. They are not supposed to be political footballs, sacrificial offerings or pawns of policy. The National Government has succeeded in making the current public service all of these things. Anyone who has been outspoken or willing to oppose the perceived political will of the government and actually tell a minister how it is, has been restructured out. All we have left are the policy Yes men and, fortunately, a small core of those who have had to shut up and soldier on. We need to rebuild a public service that is proud of what it does and acts as a genuine partner with the government of the day, not just a lackey.


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