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Climate change movie shows how communities can lead progress

News from 2Degrees
A Nelson-based film producer who is bringing a new climate change documentary to Wellington believes that climate change can bring out the best in us. Ange Palmer, co-producer of 2 Degrees, is interested in how we cope with the grief, anger and confusion that may arise when we allow the reality of doomsday climate reports to sink in.

“Personally I’m way beyond depression and anxiety. In fact I even feel good about this climate emergency – a time of emerge-ence – because each morning when I awake I know that I will do the best that I can in the day ahead to address it in my own small ways. And that this is the most I can do…that any of us can do.”, Ms Palmer says.

2 Degrees is a heart wrenching political thriller set against the backdrop of the UN climate negotiations, leading into a real solution to the global climate challenge: the power of the people. As the world waits in hope for a new dawn on climate change, it becomes chillingly clear that governments are not going to lead the way. So if commitment to act won’t come from above, perhaps the voices and actions of communities will bring the revolution that is needed.

2 Degrees then takes to the streets of a small Australian town, and follows the passionate efforts of local residents to replace the coal-fired power stations with solar thermal technology. The mayor of the town, a formidable 80 year old woman, leads the charge, and a determined crew of youth take their message to parliament over 300km away… on foot.

2 Degrees explores climate change through the prism of climate justice. While An Inconvenient Truth alerted us to the problem of climate change, 2 Degrees provides a gripping examination of the human costs, followed by the much welcomed emergence of community-led solutions, culminating in an inspiring call to action for audiences around the world.

Ms Palmer believes it is important to talk about climate change. “Because this is how we learn and how we connect into a collective response and build community, and with community intact we can ride out the storms, literally. There is much to be inspired and excited about. A good film provides a path for understanding and provokes dialogue, and audience responses so far tell us that this film does just that. So I feel we have achieved what we set out to do.”

Ange Palmer is touring New Zealand with the new film. After screenings she will share her experiences of making the film, and speak about effective responses to the climate challenge, including a campaign called Eradicating Ecocide. 2 Degrees won Best film at the Byron Bay International Film Festival earlier this year.

Thursday September 4 at 6pm
Roxy Theatre, Wellington

Price: $20 Fundraiser for NZ Youth Delegation to UNFCCC COP20 in Peru
email nzyouthdelegation@gmail.com to book tickets

View the trailer here