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City Council to speak at flyover appeal; wants clarity about District Plan

News from WCC
Wellington City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery has submitted notice to the High Court that the Council wishes to be heard in relation to one aspect of the New Zealand Transport Agency’s appeal on its Basin Bridge proposal.

The Transport Agency has filed its appeal with the High Court on the decision made by the Board of Inquiry into the Basin Bridge Proposal and sets out a number of appeal grounds. While the Council is not appearing as an appellant, it intends to be heard and to help clarify matters relating specifically to the District Plan.

Mr Lavery says “I have advised the Mayor and Councillors that we need to present our position on the District Plan.

“The decision of the Board raises some significant questions around the standing of the District Plan, particularly in terms of certainty of the public being able to rely on its provisions as an accurate record of what will be given weight in RMA decision-making.

“An applicant should be able to pick up the District Plan and know whether what they are proposing affects a listed heritage area or a listed area of significant amenity/value,” he says.

This aspect of the Board’s decision creates uncertainty and has potential to undermine robust processes the Council has gone through with the public to recognise significant areas, buildings, objects and viewshafts. The Council wants to ensure that the Court is provided with accurate information about the District Plan and to ensure the interpretation of the Plan is not determined without Council’s input.

Mr Lavery noted Mayor Wade-Brown’s statement that “The NZTA’s decision to appeal the flyover decision does not change Wellington City Council’s commitment to improving choices across the city and region, which includes some solution at the Basin Reserve.”