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The World Cup cricket has ended. But this shouldn’t bring an end to the rejuvenation of Civic Square that was created for the tournament.

For too long, Civic Square has been an empty, under-used and under-populated space. A place that people walked through, without stopping. Everything was changed by the Village Green concept that was installed for the cricket.

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Bands and singers … Games and entertainment. They should all be continued to ensure that Civic Square doesn’t revert to its former emptiness. The beanbags need to be brought back, too.

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The living wall is another sign of a new approach to Civic Square. It’s showing every sign of being permanent. The band stand, even the artificial grass (so much more appealing than endless bricks), should become permanent features as well.

The council’s long-term plan includes some complicated ideas for “revitalising” Civic Square. But the space has been revitalised already. There’s no reason to wait for the planning processes to be completed. (Why is the council taking so long to start strengthening the Town Hall?). The Cricket World Cup shows how the Square can be used, every day of the year.

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