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Photographing recipes and nudes

If there’s anyone who doesn’t know the difference between Unity Books and Whitcoulls, there’s a report this morning that makes things absolutely clear.

The DomPost report laments the fact that in some bookshops people are using smartphones to copy pages from a book with nude photographs of Kim Kardashian. Apparently this is a problem at Whitcoulls in Lambton Quay.

Kardashian is not alone in being the target of smartphone browsers, a Wellington Whitcoulls manager said. Rick Stein’s cookbooks were also popular. “They come in and they think that they can take a photo of recipes, and we say, ‘Sorry, it’s a copyright thing.’

But at Unity Books, there’s a somewhat different approach. Manager Tilly Lloyd said:

“There have always been plenty of people taking photos in the shop and there always will be; we take a lot of pics too. Design students especially come in to take pics all the time. Graduation pics. Bookaholic selfies. Media. Campaigns. I like all that. A tiny – really tiny – percentage of the photographs are ‘page theft’ – a poem, a recipe, the page from Anne Enright’s new novel where the gay guy recites all the Yeats at the dinner party. Those photographs disrespect the author. We ask them to imagine they had spent two years writing a book but it sold kind of badly because people just took a photo of the page they liked.”

Long live Unity Books. A true Wellington icon.