Wellington Scoop

15 days without your comments

by Lindsay Shelton
Since Wellington.Scoop began more than six years ago, comments from readers have been an integral part of what we publish. So it’s embarrassing for us that our comments system has failed for the last 15 days.

It’s even more embarrassing that the problem is taking so long to fix. Our technical advisors have at last started to work on it, but the expected results have not yet been achieved.

Our intention is that you will once again be able to participate with your comments.

But things are – obviously – taking much longer to fix than we had expected.

And we are all concerned not only that comments cannot be sent or published, but also that all the comments sent, and archived, since our inception, have become invisible. We are hoping they’re only invisible and not actually deleted.

And of course you can’t even send us a comment to tell us that you are missing such participation.

Till the results that we want are achieved, we apologise for the continuing breakdown.