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  1. Mark W, 13. August 2015, 12:37

    It would be nice if the Regional Council actually listened to the people of Wellington and took stock of all the comments on the DomPost article. A lot of people are dubious about this bus rapid transit and the need for hybrid-diesels which apparently just do not work. There is strong support for trolleybuses and the need to expand our network and yet the Regional Council insist on scrapping them and thus repeating a monumental mistake of the City Council when they scrapped the trams.

  2. luke, 13. August 2015, 14:43

    The city needs Light Rail from the Railway Station to Newtown and more bus lanes in places. Plus less or no vehicles on the golden mile.

  3. Graeme Brown, 13. August 2015, 16:15

    Suitable rapid transit vehicles and systems are available virtually ‘off-the-shelf’ whereas it looks as if buses will have to be designed for Wellington’s peculiar needs.

  4. Newtown, 13. August 2015, 19:56

    While WCC are burning ratepayers’ funds on substandard reports, we only have to look at Sweden for a glimpse into the future of modern electrical/hybrid buses:


  5. Michael Gibson, 14. August 2015, 15:44

    Excellent stuff!
    But it shouldn’t be forgotten that “city ratepayers” contribute half of the region’s rates thus bringing our “share” to three-quarters. The Regional Council’s approach to this (that “regional ratepayers” are somebody else – like taxpayers!!) should be fully exposed.
    I am glad that the new Chair, Chris Laidlaw, is taking a fresh look at what has been going on: the money does NOT all simply come from somebody else!

  6. Anthony Davies, 15. August 2015, 10:20

    The loss of the transport-dedicated DC electrical power system for our transport system is a tragedy. The majority of transport electrical systems will be DC based. It’s reconditioning this (existing) system that is the cost that everyone is freaking out about. This power network will need to be in place for a future electric/battery fleet anyway.
    As a city of smart people, can’t we figure out how to make the trolleys more reliable for Wellington? Investing in R & D to develop systems that are suited to local conditions gives far more robust outcomes than being lazy and trying to outsource all our needed technical solutions.
    The trolleys are awesome zero (?) emission transport. Let’s get creative and make our trolleys the best in the world.

  7. Toni Weir, 15. August 2015, 16:27

    Well said Anthony Davies, … “the network will need to be in place”, and yes trolleys are awesome; fit for purpose today AND tomorrow.

  8. Ross Clark, 20. August 2015, 23:55

    Did anyone seriously think that the Feds would spring for most of the billion or so which would be required for a properly-scoped light rail system?

    This whole business is about following the money … or the lack of it.