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Pay rise okayed: Kevin Lavery has “exceeded expectations”, says Justin Lester

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The Wellington City Council’s Performance Review Committee has completed its annual review of the performance of Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery. Performance Review Committee Chair, Deputy Mayor Justin Lester, says Kevin’s performance has exceeded expectations in his second year in the role.

“Kevin has established excellent connections in Wellington and we are very glad to have him at the Wellington City Council,” says Cr Lester. “He has impressed the Council and external stakeholders with his high energy, can do attitude, and his drive to make things happen.

“Kevin has done an exceptional job working with Council staff to deliver a bold and strategically focused Long Term Plan. The plan offers a revitalised economic strategy based on projects that will help catapult Wellington into its next chapter.

“The implementation of the shared services projects on Wellington Water, the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, and ICT infrastructure, will achieve significant benefits for the Councils involved.

“A lot has been quietly achieved in the past 12 months.

“Kevin has done a very good job to date and we look forward to working with him to execute the city’s vision over the coming years,” says Cr Lester.

Dr Lavery’s salary will increase from $408,000 to $416,160, a rise of two percent.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says Dr Lavery has a modern, progressive approach.

“Our new Long Term Plan is ambitious and I have confidence that Kevin will deliver both the big economic projects and fulfil our community and environmental commitments.

“The relationship between Council and the Chief Executive is a solid partnership based on mutual respect,” she says.

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  1. Trefor, 14. August 2015, 10:00

    Well that’s impressive, because mostly all the public gets to see is Kevin Lavery playing on his phone throughout council meetings, with little regard for complex proceedings

  2. RS, 14. August 2015, 10:13

    Kevin Lavery is the last main cheerleader for the ridiculous Takapu Valley motorway land grab that his staff and NZTA have cooked up. You’d think with this massive salary he’d find time to go visit and conclude what a strange idea it is, in the northern-most corner of his ward? He doesn’t even bother turning up with Councillors and other VIPs during community arranged open days.

  3. Newtown, 14. August 2015, 10:42

    While someone gets a salary increase, Wellingtonians may end up with a transport solution from the 18th century, just because it’s cheaper to invest in the now without considering the future.

  4. Ellen Blake, 14. August 2015, 11:36

    ‘Think big’ plan pays off for CEO – is that reason enough for raise? [via Twitter]

  5. Ian Apperley, 14. August 2015, 16:07

    Amazing, I am absolutely surprised at Lester’s comments.

    “The implementation of the shared services projects on Wellington Water, the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, and ICT infrastructure, will achieve significant benefits for the Councils involved.” All of which have been highly secretive and had zero public consultation. In fact, some are the subject of ombudsman complaints.

    WREDA doesn’t even have a CEO and has done nothing in the last eighteen months. The LTP is a joke and a travesty of consultation. The original eight big ideas have all been thrown out. This Council has achieved nothing since they were elected. Not a sausage.

  6. CC, 14. August 2015, 17:47

    If the CEO exceeded expectations for his substantial salary, the original targets were obviously far too low. That it has happened two years in a row is clear evidence that the Performance Review Committee and its chair should be replaced by more appropriately qualified representatives of the ratepayers.

  7. Sandra Vameer, 15. August 2015, 10:02

    Unbelievable. This man is well known for his 80s neoliberal ideology which pretty much amounts to ‘privatise, sell assets and use the money to build shiny (ie ugly and destructive) temples of capitalism as legacy projects’. The convention center deal was a disaster, the runway is shaping up to be one, and the other Think Big projects? Not very big thinking at all, yet they’ll raise our rates by almost 50%. And now he wants to sell off the waterfront? For that he gets a pay rise and praise from our left Mayor/Deputy Mayor? He should be driven out of this town before he does more damage but at least we’ll have a choice to vote better Masters for him to be kept in check soon.