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Fixing public transport, from the inside

by Lindsay Shelton
Wellingtonians who are dubious about some of the Transport Agency’s decisions have a chance to change things, from the inside. You can apply for a job with the Agency … but be quick, because applications close today.

The advertised job is titled: Senior Advisor – Public Transport. The new recruit will be part of the Public Transport Investment Team in Wellington. And what will you have to do?

Help design the future of public transport!
Help deliver customer-focussed transport solutions
Make a big difference to the daily lives of NZers

So perhaps you won’t have a chance to fix the weird cycle-way or the other contradictory road markings in the “transformed” Victoria Street, or the faulty traffic lights at the corner of Karo Drive and Taranaki Street.

But it sounds as if there’ll be a chance for input into improving the “bus rapid transit” scheme that’s been fairly universally condemned as not being a rapid transit system at all. And perhaps the “public transport solutions” responsibility could include fixing the bus lanes that come and go haphazardly on the city’s main roads?

The job advertisement shows that your potential employer has an optimistic view of itself:

The NZ Transport Agency shapes New Zealand’s transport networks and people’s safe and efficient use of them. We keep people and goods on the move by working with others to invest $3 billion a year on our road and rail networks. However you choose to travel – by car, bus, bike or train – we help you get there safely and on time.

And your new job:

The Planning and Investment Group at the Transport Agency works with others to plan the land transport system and get the best value from investment in projects and activities that improve road safety and support urban growth, freight movement, public transport, and walking and cycling initiatives.

As a vital member of the Public Transport Investment team your role is to make sure every dollar invested in public transport really delivers! You are part of the team responsible for ensuring New Zealanders have access to increasingly effective and efficient public transport choices, wherever they live. Your work will include crafting the Transport Agency’s public transport investment policy, and working with others to deliver public transport solutions as part of integrated transport networks. If you are an up and coming policy adviser that is looking for a new challenge – then this is the job for you!

What about qualifications?

To be successful here and in this role you will bring:
energy, drive and a passion for public transport
strong analytical skills and a bent for problem solving
experience in public sector policy
a strong teamwork ethos
excellent communication skills

Are you still unsure whether or not you want the job? Well, consider what they’re offering you:

Contact us now if you”re keen to be part of a committed, dedicated and friendly team working in an environment where you get to make a real difference, with plenty of opportunity to learn and grow.

Applications for making a real difference and learning and growing close today at www.nzta.govt.nz/careers


  1. Traveller, 21. August 2015, 9:55

    They’re not asking for any public transport qualifications or planning experience? Just energy, drive and passion??

  2. Curtis Nixon, 21. August 2015, 11:57

    No transport experience necessary! Just bean counting policy wonkery. I see the applicant will need to have – “agility” (jumping on and off buses, please check your balance), high performance (racking up those speed tickets in the company car), and “get engaged every day” (not sure if it means you’re married to the job or can drive a manual car).

    It’s interesting they are looking for an “up and coming policy adviser” for a Senior Advisor position. That means a younger person who isn’t set in their ideology yet and who can be groomed to tow the company line.

  3. Elaine Hampton, 21. August 2015, 15:37

    Ahh, so Dangerfield resigned a week ago, I wonder if that was anything to do with the flyover judgement? So now, as auntie who used to read the obits would say: look Lord So and So has died, now we can all move up one. And so the NZTA.