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Mayor is “glad the ugly flyover won’t happen;” wants integrated planning

News from Wellington City Council
Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said today: “I’m glad the ugly flyover won’t happen but clearly some improvements are needed.

“It’s a very clear decision,” Mayor Wade-Brown says. “The flyover was an ugly solution and I consistently voted against it.

“However the Levin to Airport highway is an essential route and some work must be done. Congestion at the Basin needs a more attractive solution including consideration of tunnelling, trenching or an at-grade modification.

“The Basin Reserve Master Plan, the Bus Rapid Transit business case and our Urban Cycling Network must integrate with a less intrusive roading solution.

“Better public transport, walking and cycling, urban development focussed at transport interchanges will all help get people where they want to go while keeping our urban fabric intact.”

“The three relevant transport bodies; NZTA, Greater Wellington, and Wellington City Council need a fully integrated approach. This could be the right time to bring the functions together in the Capital”.