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John Milford wants “another solution” for Basin traffic

Press Release – Wellington Chamber Of Commerce
The High Court’s finding against the appeal on the Basin Reserve is disappointing, but work must now begin urgently on finding a solution, says the Wellington Chamber of Commerce.

Chief Executive John Milford says, “There is no time to dwell on this. The problem is still there – in fact it’s getting worse – so we must get on and find another way to solve it.

“The only silver lining in the decision back from the court is that it was quick. Wellington has needed a solution for some time, let’s not forget this process began back in 2010.

“The Basin is a choke point in not just the city’s traffic but in the road of national significance from the airport to Levin.

“We supported the flyover as it was the solution that was put forward. It’s now about where we go from here.

“We cannot afford to let Wellington stand still on this. Separating north-south traffic from east-west traffic around the Basin is essential if we are to progress.

“This is about making vital improvements to a section of the city’s and the region’s transport infrastructure to ensure on-going economic development.

“It would be a serious setback for Wellington if government transport funding for the region is moved elsewhere as a result of this decision.

“The city needs this choke point fixed and it needs a second Mt Victoria tunnel. They are both vital if we are to improve connectivity, grow our economy and boost jobs in the region.”

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  1. Guy, 22. August 2015, 21:21

    Actually John, if you really wanted a solution, there is a very simple, low-cost solution that is almost certain to give several years of improvement. If you were to put your not inconsiderable influence behind it, the BBRREO option would get you a lot of improvement. How about you talk your mates at NZTA into doing that in the interim until NZTA have sorted their shit out?

  2. Paul, 24. August 2015, 10:11

    “The problem is still there – in fact it’s getting worse” – strange, it actually seems a lot better since the Arras tunnel has opened. Or am I driving a different road to the one John uses?