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Basin flyover decision “thorough … robust,” say architects

News from Architectural Centre
The Architectural Centre welcomes the High Court decision endorsing the Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry’s decision which declined the NZTA’s proposal to build a flyover at the Basin Reserve.

“We’re extremely pleased that the Board of Inquiry’s decision has been reinforced. The High Court decision is thorough and leaves no doubt that the Board of Inquiry decision was a robust one.” Architectural Centre President, Christine McCarthy, said.

“It was a complex appeal and I am yet to fully digest the decision, but it is especially re-assuring that the Court disagreed with NZTA’s position that it did not have to be transparent in its decision-making, and that the Board was right to value heritage issues.”

In addition to endorsing last year’s Basin Bridge Board of Inquiry decision, today’s decision is helpful in clarifying rules around designations especially in relation to last year’s King Salmon judgment.

“We have found the High Court hearing, following last year’s Board of Inquiry to be a long and expensive process. Now that the hearing is over and the decision is out, we are looking forward to productively working with NZTA as it seeks to address improvements around the Basin.” McCarthy concluded.