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Architect pleased at support for his Basin roading enhancement option

News release from Richard Reid and Associates
“Our practice welcomes the High Court’s dismissal of NZTA’s appeal,” said Richard Reid today. “In particular, we are pleased that our at-grade solution, the Basin Reserve Roundabout Enhancement Option (BRREO) has passed another stringent test.

“The High Court supported the Board of Inquiry’s consideration of and conclusion on BRREO. The High Court’s attention was drawn to NZTA’s own evidence which acknowledged that the flyover and BRREO both ‘displayed significant journey time savings over the do-minimum scenario, which includes improvements to the Vivian Street/Pirie Street and Taranaki Street/Buckle Street intersections.’

“The Board of Inquiry recognised that the unique value of BRREO is its transport improvements create considerably less adverse effects on the environment at considerably less cost – in our opinion less than 5% of the flyover’s projected $100+ million.

“We predict the pathway forward will not be easier for NZTA if it chooses to return with a larger project incorporating the flyover with a second Mt Victoria Tunnel and widening of Ruahine Street. BRREO has already accommodated these projects in its design, as well as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

“In planning terms, BRREO is years ahead of NZTA and the councils in its integrated transport and urban vision for the city. BRREO is the only practicable and attractive option worth adopting. It makes sense that we are given the opportunity to continue to develop BRREO for the benefit of Wellingtonians and the wider Wellington region.”


  1. Elaine Hampton, 24. August 2015, 17:49

    A sensible solution for the 21st century, let’s put light rail back on the agenda

  2. Newtown, 24. August 2015, 19:38

    RR should definitely be involved in planning Basin Reserve’s future. He seems to simply get it.

    And if you want a good laugh, please read the following comparison of BRREO vs Flyover by NZTA’s David Dunlop. The minor issues he points out, basically analysing the hell out of a concept.

  3. City Lad, 25. August 2015, 18:31

    Richard Reid & Associates are to be commended for their considerable professional input into the marathon Board of Inquiry that rejected the flyover. Without further procrastination, NZTA should engage Mr Reid’s services and keep our Prime Minister smiling.