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  1. Cr Paul Bruce, 31. August 2015, 19:45

    Thanks Jim for your excellent backgrounder. Permeable layers would stop some of the runoff of storm water carrying toxic heavy metals into our harbours, and the Regional Policy Statement supports this, but does not enforce it. It is time district and city councils toughened up – Porirua City Council banning the washing of cars on drives is a step in the right direction.

  2. Paul Ross, 1. September 2015, 13:20

    If PCC cared about this harbour they wouldnt have encouraged a highway with an unrivaled amount of earthworks through its catchment. The council has also given a green light to further large scale cut and fill housing subdivision on the northern hills of the Pauatahanui arm. If you want to see a great example of the cut and fill that will go on, look at the shoebox Aotea subdivision. PCC only cares about servicing bad ‘investments’ via inflated rates with the environment and people a distant second.