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Basin solution “must reflect needs of community” say architects

News from Architectural Centre
The Architectural Centre warmly welcomes the NZTA’s decision not to appeal the High Court Basin Bridge decision. The decision will be appreciated by the many individuals and community groups who have strongly voiced opinions opposing the flyover.

“We warmly welcome NZTA’s acknowledgement that another solution is needed, and see the Agency’s announcement as indicating their openness to a broader range of transport solutions. As the Board concluded, a flyover would be an unacceptable and inappropriate structure adjacent to the historic Basin Reserve” said Christine McCarthy, Architectural Centre President.

“Light rail, for example, must be put back on the table as a way to reduce congestion” she continued. “A solution that genuinely reflects the needs of the community is needed.”

McCarthy stressed that the Architectural Centre looks forward to working productively with NZTA to pro-actively address urban design and transport issues around the Basin Reserve.

“This is an area of the city that desparately needs smart thinking and large amounts of TLC. The surrounding areas of the Basin, in particular, have suffered neglect for far too long. We are keen to be in the conversations with NZTA and the councils regarding the Basin’s future. NZTA must improve its processes in order to properly understand and facilitate community needs. The answer to the Basin will not simply be a technical solution.”

The Architectural Centre would like to again convey its thanks to its lawyer, Philip Milne, and others, whose enormous work at the original Board of Inquiry and the subsequent High Court appeal has contributed significantly to this decision.