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Low-cost at-grade solution ready for Basin, says Richard Reid

Media release from Richard Reid and Associates
Richard Reid & Associates applaud NZTA’s decision not to appeal the High Court’s Basin Bridge decision. We also welcome NZTA’s acknowledgement that this is the end of the road for the flyover and that other options should be investigated.

The only option which offers immediate benefits in the short and long term is our at-grade solution, the Basin Reserve Roundabout Enhancement Option (BRREO). This can be implemented quickly at very low cost and with minimal impact on the heritage area.

NZTA already acknowledges that BRREO displays “significant journey time savings over the do-minimum scenario.”

BRREO is also unique in that its transport improvements are integrated with a strong urban vision for the city.

Richard Reid & Associates looks forward to working with NZTA, Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council for the benefit of Wellingtonians and the wider Wellington region.


  1. Curtis Nixon, 4. September 2015, 20:40

    Yes yes yes. If there is room for the 30+ carparks currently around the Basin, there is room for an at-grade solution to the Basin’s traffic situation. Look at the Maungatapu Interchange on S.H. 29 in Tauranga.

  2. Adam L, 5. September 2015, 22:57

    1/ Its called the “Basin” because is it used to be an arm of the sea – not the best place for a tunnel?

    2/ Mangatapu roundabout is a death trap – how many crashes? Why is that a good comparison?

    3/ The Mt Vic & Memorial Pk tunnels have been built at a height to join up with a flyover – how steep would a road be down to a tunnel?

  3. Guy, 6. September 2015, 20:27

    1 – correct
    2 – dunno
    3 – doable

  4. Curtis Nixon, 7. September 2015, 10:09

    There are 31 tunnels that go under the river Thames in London and about the same from Manhattan island to New Jersey, Brooklyn etc. Under water . . .I’m sure a tunnel under the Basin could be done.
    Since Tauranga is my home town I can safely say the Maungatapu interchange is a huge improvement on past configurations. What basis do you have for your statement Adam?
    The roads to Mt Vic tunnel and Arras Tunnel would be . . .as steep as they are now. No. Big. Deal.

  5. MIke, 7. September 2015, 20:25

    They built a longer one, in clay, that goes all the way from England to France. Now I reckon the English Channel’s a bit wetter than the Basin. They also by-passed Conwy in North Wales with a tunnel under the Conwy Estuary. Built it in concrete sections, then sunk it in the mud, to a depth that boats can go over the top of it. Now Conwy is congestion free and a happier place. These were far bigger projects than anything that is needed at the Basin.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way – it’s just that the NZTA had got their myopic glasses on, and could only think of one solution. Of course a tunnel is possible.