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Work starting this month on new Island Bay cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings

News from WCC
Island Bay will soon have new kerbside cycle lanes between Shorland and Wakefield parks, and four new pedestrian crossings to make The Parade safer and easier to get across.

The upgrade work will begin on Monday 28 September and be finished before the Island Bay Festival in mid-February.

Acting Mayor Justin Lester says the improvements are one example of the sort of changes Wellingtonians can expect to see as the Council transforms other parts of the city’s transport network to give people more choice in how they get around.

“Safe, sustainable transport options are what people expect in smart cities these days. It’s absolutely essential to provide them if we want to continue to be internationally recognised as a great place to live, work and visit.”

Councillor Andy Foster, who chairs the Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee, says Wellingtonians are more likely than anyone else in the country to get to work or study on foot, by bike or public transport.

“But we can always do better. Research shows a lot more of us would like to make short trips by bike if it was safer,” he says. “The new kerbside lanes in Island Bay will make that possible. People of all ages will be able to bike at their own pace, in everyday clothes, and away from most traffic.

“The upgrade will also give people who walk more places where they can safely cross, improve the visibility at intersections, and include new-look bus stops with cycle by-passes.”

Cr Foster says the new cycle facilities will eventually be part of a safer commuter route to the city from the southern suburbs. In the meantime, they will provide a safe, active way to get around the suburb.

Changes will be made in the shopping centre to encourage safer speeds in line with recommendations by the Island Bay Cycleway community working party. This will involve raising the two zebra crossings to footpath height and putting in speed humps on either side.

The construction will begin at the south end of the shopping centre near the library and move north towards Dover Street, so that work around the main retail area can be completed ahead of the Christmas period. The contractors will then work south from the library towards Reef Street.

The construction programme is still being finalised but it is likely there will be construction crews working in two different areas at any one time. Work in each area will take about 4 to 6 weeks.

The cycle lanes won’t be obvious until the road marking changes happen towards the end of the upgrade.

The Council has engaged contractors Ventia to do the work. Normal work hours will be Monday to Saturday, 7am to 6pm.


  1. Vicki Greco, 9. September 2015, 16:34

    I think the fact that the Berhampore section has been halted and Island Bay is going ahead, proves this was never about safe cycling. The money should be spent in Berhampore and the Island Bay section should be delayed for 3-5 years, because Berhampore is a danger zone for cyclists.
    Sadly this has been about the Mayor and a couple of Councillors and Council staff pushing their own agendas at the expense of rate payers. It is time for both the Mayor and CEO to be held accountable.

  2. Phil, 9. September 2015, 17:38

    This is great news but I can’t believe people like Vicki are still trying to re-litigate this decision. Whatever side you are on, we all have to accept the decision, move on and make the best of it. It is far too late to turn back now so surely anybody who actually cares about ratepayers’ money doesn’t want to see this project fail. If people continue to be negative and disruptive, that’s just what will happen. It’s a shame that we wont get a complete southern route straight away, but it will be completed in a few years time anyway so does it really matter where it starts? It’s time to move on and start being positive about this.

  3. Vicki Greco, 9. September 2015, 18:12

    Actually its not too late, and it’s not about seeing the project fail, it’s about democracy, ratepayers’ money not being spent carelessly; the money should go to Berhampore where lives and injuries can be saved, not where cycling is currently safe. There are also hot spots in town that need to be sorted first.
    And if Island Bay’s current cycleways aren’t safe, why have the Council just replicated them in Victoria Street? Which has much higher traffic volumes.

  4. Maria van der Meel, 9. September 2015, 23:46

    The Minister of Transport Simon Bridges agrees with you that money should be spent in areas like Berhampore in compliance with the strategies of Safer Journeys 2020:

  5. Newtown, 28. September 2015, 20:59

    Vicki, you’re right that Berhampore should be prioritised. After all, 28 injuries occurred there between 2007-2014, i.e. higher than any suburb. Also, in regards to “this will involve raising the two zebra crossings to footpath height and putting in speed humps on either side.” I just don’t get why every suburb shouldnt have the same experience. Why not use this in Berhampore, Newtown, and elsewhere to create safer communities?