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  1. Michael Gibson, 14. September 2015, 9:54

    Helene Ritchie and Paul Bruce should both be asking for details of the status of the group under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 which gives important rules to protect the democratic interest when this sort of thing goes on. It is important that these councillors can at least go along to the group’s meetings and speak their mind properly.

  2. Rosamund, 14. September 2015, 10:29

    Both Helene and Paul could also ask for a copy of the full minutes of any meeting held by these elected representatives, details of the number of meetings held, and copies of the agenda for each get-together. Sadly the drift into a lack of democracy amongst our elected representatives is rife with the new category of “informal submitters” without contact or other identifying information.

  3. Michael Gibson, 14. September 2015, 11:21

    Roamund’s excellent & knowledgable contribution reminds me of a characteristic of the worst of our local authorities – they only give the numbers of “For” or “Against” if the numbers suit the powers-that-be. You can tell if submitters oppose the council’s preferred view if the numbers of “For” or “Against” submitters are not given in the officer’s report.

  4. Elaine Hampton, 14. September 2015, 18:03

    There are plenty of offers of help: Save the Basin, Architectural Centre, Richard Reid. His solution is green and inexpensive.
    How did Paul, Fran, and Andy get appointed? Fran doesn’t do democratic. I have taken time off work to speak to the WRC and found Fran sitting impatiently waiting for the last speaker to finish, then stating the motion carried as it had already been decided in subcommittee. Absolutely disgraceful. “Taxation without representation”, there’s been the odd revolt over this kind of thing. NZTA meddling methinks.
    Can anyone answer the question about a 10% surcharge if a lawyer holds our rates?

  5. City Lad, 16. September 2015, 20:12

    Just who gave the approval for Wilde, Swain and Foster to continue having anything more to do with Basin Reserve traffic planning? Nobody of course. Just the foregoing three self-centred individuals still full of their own “we know best” arrogance.

  6. Ruz, 15. October 2015, 16:18

    I would be happy to vote Foster off the WCC if I could, but I can’t. The ward system means he only has to persuade Onslow-Western ward voters to keep him on, with every other WCC voter having no say. The ward system is undemocratic when you consider that all councillors elected have a say in the running of the whole city. What we need is an STV system which allows us to rank those we want on council in order of preference. And for those that think having a ward councillor to “represent you” makes any difference then think again.