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Council expects “significant Chinese investment” for city projects

News from Wellington City Council
Major projects in Wellington City are set to attract significant investment from Chinese companies as a result of the Wellington business delegation to China led by Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

An investment group with Wellington City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery and Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency chair Peter Biggs held a series of meetings in Beijing and Xiamen to attract investment in major projects earmarked for the Capital.

In particular, a partnership to explore funding for proposals for Wellington International Airport’s proposed expansion and hotel, the convention centre and hotel and housing developments in Shelly Bay was formalised with the signing of an MOU with Fu Wah Group and BCEG on Thursday.

“The warm reception for these potential projects signifies growing confidence in the Capital from overseas partners,” says Mayor Wade-Brown.

“Wellington’s business leaders, iwi partners, Council and our economic development agencies make an impressive collaboration for future prosperity.”

The City Council’s Economic Growth Committee Chair, Councillor Jo Coughlan, who signed the MOU, says the meetings have been extremely positive. “We’re looking forward to October when we host Fu Wah and BECG for further discussions.”

WREDA Chief Executive Chris Whelan said all participants in the meetings were open to the opportunities of investing in Wellington.

“Whether it’s government to government or corporation to corporation, it comes down to people to people,” he says. “We’ve got a very good base for Wellington business investment, based on a solid foundation of collegiality. Being in China has strengthened our relationships through face to face contact.”

The Wellington investment delegation included Jason Fox from Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, Rob Morrison from Infratil, Ian Cassels and Caitlin Taylor from the Wellington Company, and David McGuiness from Willis Bond.


  1. lindsay, 13. September 2015, 12:11

    Congratulations to the council for finding Chinese companies with whom to explore possible funding. But the first sentence of the announcement doesn’t seem to be accurate. The council provides no evidence that significant investment from China is “set” to arrive here.

  2. Pip, 13. September 2015, 12:45

    It says “set to attract”. Seems pretty accurate.

  3. Rosamund, 14. September 2015, 16:56

    Presumably the citizens of Wellington will be asked for their views on these potential investments. It seems to me that the Wellington City Council has forgotten it is an entity that is there to serve its citizens. It’s not there to promote corporate interests and it’s deluded to think that the council is a commercial rather than a community entity. Elected representatives are there to promote the views of their electorate as represented in formal submissions made by interested informed people willing to be identified as required by legislation.
    I have noticed that the language in Council documentation has reverted to the 90s when we mysteriously and erroneously became pseudo “customers” being offered choices when there were none, and unhealthily ignoring the principle of the council delivering a “community good”. Another nail in the coffin of local democracy.