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  1. Esjay, 22. September 2015, 12:29

    Yet another bureaucratic tier that the ratepayer has to carry. I note that Cape Town has a metropolitan population of 3.75 million. When Wellington has 200,000, how will a person with so much talent be able to operate? Will his think big ideas be curbed? I wonder if his salary will surpass that of the Wellington City Council CEO?

  2. Traveller, 23. September 2015, 11:03

    So it’s costing ratepayers around a million dollars to pay two chief executives to run two economic strategies?

  3. Ellie, 23. September 2015, 13:31

    A council with no accountability to the ratepayers except a 3 year voting system that does not elect officers, and out of control. As Esjay says: 200,000 Wellingtonians, having to pay for two economic strategies… is this a million dollars in wages for two people?