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  1. Michael Gibson, 8. October 2015, 15:24

    Regarding the sentence: “It wouldn’t have enough to do”, the level of work required by the Regional Council’s elected members has always been a problem. Fran Wilde tried to do too much & Chris Laidlaw is trying to do too little. It seems to me that Sir Wira will sort it out in the best way for the rest of us.

  2. Brent Efford, 8. October 2015, 21:38

    A regional transit authority, US-style, WITHOUT the hankering after and prioritising of Big Roading projects that has been the raison d’etre of the Fran Wilde-era Regional Council, is an urgent necessity. The Regional Council’s dire handling of public transport has been the subject of much comment in recent days and is reason enough for the body’s abolition. That is, as long as the new transit authority really does champion public transport and is not another mouthpiece for the NZTA-led highway lobby.

  3. Ross Clark, 9. October 2015, 12:12

    At the very least, what is needed is a rationalisation of the situation in the Wairarapa, where a unitary authority (three councils plus the current Regional Council fucnction) should work well. Could s/o confirm for me where this has got to? [The Local Govt Commission says: ‘It is a possibility but it is too early to say.’]

  4. luke, 9. October 2015, 17:22

    I dont know how we will cope without the regional council. They are the most important people in Wellington. We are very lucky to have so many fine councillors.

  5. Michael Gibson, 10. October 2015, 8:04

    Luke’s sentiments make me sorry that GW’s councillors are paid so little. They should be more amply rewarded for giving so much to the community and for giving such very fine service. Well said indeed, Luke! Can anyone suggest the sort of pay-rise which they deserve?

  6. luke, 10. October 2015, 13:02

    Thanks Mike, Id be delighted to have a targetted “reward the councillors” rate levied onto my bill as some form of koha to such fine upstanding citizens, say $200 per household per quarter.