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MPs walk out of Parliament after PM accuses them of “backing rapists”

Labour MPs walked out of Parliament today when the Prime Minister accused them of “backing rapists,” after Opposition leader Andrew Little questioned him about New Zealanders detained on Christmas Island.

John Key’s accusation, which the Speaker did not ask him to withdraw, was followed by strong statements from Labour and the Greens.

Statement from the Green Party
John Key’s comments in Parliament today about opposition MPs backing rapists is a huge misjudgement that shows the Prime Minister is losing it, the Green Party says.

“John Key’s weird outburst in Parliament today was deeply offensive, especially for the many women MPs who have come to politics through their work tackling sexual and family violence,” Green Party Co leader Metiria Turei said.

“John Key obviously thought he was being macho and clever but he completely overreached when he made the accusation against MPs like Marama Davidson as she questioned his unwillingness to defend human rights.

“Already John Key’s rapist comments are being reported overseas. Instead of New Zealand being known on the world stage for taking a stand on human rights, our Prime Minister is making headlines for calling MPs rapist backers.

“While other countries are condemning Australia for its human rights policies, John Key has ensured New Zealand remains weak, and silent on the side-lines.

“John Key’s outburst today was offensive, and it was embarrassing,” Mrs Turei said.

Statement from Labour Party
John Key is showing his weak leadership and refusal to do what is morally right by not raising human rights abuses of New Zealand born Australians on Christmas Island with Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“This was a weak and gutless display in Parliament today from the Prime Minister. He has failed to stand up for what’s right and his performance was a new low.

“He has lost his moral compass. It is a disgrace.

“The Prime Minister is more concerned about kidding around with ties and keeping his Australian mate happy than he is in raising concerns about the horrific conditions and lack of legal representation for the detainees.

“Many of them have spent decades in Australia and have few links to New Zealand. Deporting them to a country they left decades ago makes no sense. Keeping them isolated from their homes and families in a detention centre has left them angry and without hope.

“The truth about what is happening on Christmas Island is that it has taken a detainee’s death, two days of fires and a full blown riot for the Government to lift a finger and do something about it,” Andrew Little says.

Cold, calculated and cynical

News from NZ First
New Zealand First has questioned the Speaker’s ruling in Parliament that the Prime Minister did not need to apologise for saying the Labour Party supported rapists, child molesters and murderers.

“Under Standing Orders no reply to a question can contain references that are harmful to the reputation of the House or any member,” spokesperson on Justice Denis O’Rourke said.

“The Prime Minister’s accusation was discreditable and therefore under Standing Order 386(2)(C) he should have been instructed to apologise. We raised this with the Speaker and we are pleased that he responded saying he would reflect on his decision.”

Gordon Campbell: John Key’s smear attack

November 11: Speaker ejects MPs who say they’ve been sexually abused


  1. Russell Brown, 10. November 2015, 20:53

    The Australian Immigration minister Peter Dutton has said there are a total of four sex offenders on Christmas Island – who may or may not be New Zealanders. So that’s how cynical Key was today. [via Twitter]

  2. Maggy Wassilieff, 10. November 2015, 20:54

    Paddy Gower on TV3 News gave us the figures of the violent crims who are being sent back to NZ. They include: 22 murderers; 34 child-sex offenders; 16 rapists.
    Welcome home, folks.

  3. Traveller, 10. November 2015, 21:26

    Paddy Gower’s figures, provided by the PM’s office, are not only from Christmas Island. And he failed to mention that 300+ detainees have not been convicted of murders or sex offences.

  4. CC, 10. November 2015, 21:41

    Real cool stuff from Paddy Gower. Lumping heavy duty offences with much lesser stuff feeds irrational fears but what is the reality? One murder and 21 manslaughter? The manager of Pike River was not even before the Court for any of 29 deaths. How many rapes along with how many non-charged Roastbuster lookalikes that may even be more serious than the sex crimes committed by Christmas Island inmates? 64 cannabis smokers or personal users of more serious drugs lumped with a dealer or two? Mr. Asia will be laughing himself to a second death. It all seems like the usual obfuscation and proof that main stream journalism has given way to regurgitation of PR releases and that investigative journalism belongs in an alternative universe.

  5. Rick Morgan, 10. November 2015, 22:22

    Has Labour said they are not supporting those detained crims who are convicted rapists with at least 1 year in prison? These things are called “facts” and even if facts get up your nose this makes John Key 100% correct. Why are so many idiots putting so much effort into supporting convicted criminals who do not want to be New Zealanders to such an extent that they would rather stay at an immigration detention center than be in New Zealand?

  6. James, 10. November 2015, 23:35

    They are not “New Zealand born Australians”, they are New Zealanders.
    Australians can’t be deported from Australia.
    Facts are important.

  7. Maggy Wassilieff, 11. November 2015, 6:40

    Gosh could the reality be that some of the NZers on Christmas Island are really bad chaps? This report in Stuff of a “mob” of aggressive NZers terrorising other inmates can’t be true, can it?
    Nah! Must be John Key telling fibs.

  8. Alan Samson, 11. November 2015, 8:52

    Kiwi war hero detained by Aust government after visa revoked – this saga is getting more and more bizarre http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/73901020/kiwi-war-hero-detained-by-australian-government-after-visa-revoked

  9. Matthew Hooton, 11. November 2015, 9:00

    Of the Christmas Island detainees: no murderers, 2.5% are pedos & 2% are rapists. 43% have no convictions at all. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/political/289344/pm's-'rapists'-comment-condemned[via Twitter]

  10. Adam Levin, 11. November 2015, 11:34

    Labour walked out of a parliament debate because they felt they could not support their position against the truth which is that a proportion of those Labour is supporting are child sexual offenders & murderers! Are those facts in contention? Or are people throwing a hissy-fit because someone pointed those facts out to them? It is not a “human right” to get special treatment for breaking the laws of Australia – to say Labour is supporting human rights in this case demeans the meaning of “human rights”

  11. Ted M Smith, 11. November 2015, 13:20

    The nice Aussies will pay for any “New Zealander” to return to NZ and that will take 2 days or a few weeks depending on whether the “New Zealander” has bothered to keep their passport current.- Do we have a problem with that? Would you choose to stay at an Aussie detention center if you were a proud New Zealander, especially after all the bad press the detention centers have had over the last 10 years? The Aussie numbers given for “New Zealanders” detained at Christmas Island is: 199 detainees, 113 have convictions, with 71 of those serious offenders. That includes 11 for armed robbery, 27 for assault, five child sex offenses, two for manslaughter and four for rape or sexual assault – are we arguing these figures? Good on John Key for getting the lefty media to ask for and publish the offender figures. Time for the media to realise that you can’t play for the All Blacks wearing a Rabbitohs uniform – pick your side & learn the rules. To people born in NZ who would rather be an Australian – good for you but get off your arse NOW and fill in those forms, learn the song etc.

  12. Rick Morgan, 11. November 2015, 14:20

    “Russell Brown: The Australian Immigration minister Peter Dutton has said there are a total of four sex offenders on Christmas Island – who may or may not be New Zealanders. So that’s how cynical Key was today.” Cynical: an adjective that means believing the worst of human nature and motives. You are so correct Russell – John Key showed his cynical feelings about Little/Labour making such a fuss over (approximately) 71 serious Offenders + other drug dealers & people who do NOT want to be New Zealand citizens etc = well spotted…. or did you mean that you were cynical towards our Prime Minister when he threw some facts at the opposition?

  13. Guy, 11. November 2015, 14:38

    Adam, Labour walked out because Carter is an appallingly one-sided Speaker. He should be removed from his position forthwith.

  14. Matthew Hooton, 12. November 2015, 9:02

    For those still interested: of NZers on Christmas Island, 0% are murderers, 0% rapists, 2.5% pedos & 100% have already served their sentences So the PM was just making it up. And still failing to adequately advocate for kiwis in distress abroad. [via Twitter]