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  1. Esjay, 26. November 2015, 18:01

    Mr Milford the report as I understand was a cost/benefit analysis and not to be confused with the Business case which Treasury insists upon prior to considering any funding.

  2. CC, 26. November 2015, 22:33

    Don’t worry Esjay, the most consoling thought about Mr. Milford’s interest is that it comes from one who manages to head the diminution or demise of all that he touches. Kirkcaldie and Stains, the Chamber of Commerce, the living wage for people who provide services for the Council and …… the runway extension??? Also isn’t it a little disingenuous for an advocate of free enterprise to expect ratepayers and taxpayers to carry the can for a risky venture?

  3. southcoaster, 28. November 2015, 17:25

    It’s quite funny that the Chamber of Commerce is pushing this so much, seeing it is meant to be almost entirely funded by the public – which means that his members will be hit 3-fold, by commercial rates, residential rates and taxes! It is also concerning that a businessman such as himself obviously hasn’t read the cost-benefit analysis otherwise he wouldn’t be so happily repeating the “$7 for every $1 spent” line. There is ZERO mention of climate change impacts, no environmental or social costs are included and the whole thing is based on overblown market catchment numbers (by a factor of 5 according to the Council’s own peer review) and thus complete fantasy. Seeing economic models couldn’t forecast the GFC 6 months before it stopped the financial world, I just love how this report is meant to see 45 years into the future!

  4. CC, 29. November 2015, 7:13

    southcoaster – you have got it wrong. The Chamber of Commerce are pushing the airport extension BECAUSE it doesn’t cost business a cent. Every time one buys a product or uses a business or service, the taxes and rates are included in the price. The higher the rates and taxes, the more that is charged. Not only that, a profit margin is no doubt included as a component of the price.
    So – why does the Chamber, with its diminishing membership and noisy mouthpiece, want the airport extended? A good start would be to follow the money. Obviously it is intended that the costs and risks will be borne by the majority of ratepayers who will use an international flight once in years, decades or even a lifetime and not be too concerned about the mild inconvenience of using a national or international hub.
    As a suggestion, check the Board of the Chamber of Commerce (https://www.wecc.org.nz/about-wecc/wecc-board). If its composition reflects the general membership, the organisation looks a bit short on actual businessmen and women and long on fodder for those of a cynical bent.