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  1. Kay, 30. November 2015, 15:36

    Very like the flyover proposal, even to the analysis by many of the same experts. No mention of impact on climate or costs of mitigation in reports that I’ve spotted so far.

  2. Esjay, 30. November 2015, 17:01

    What happens once the rocks, spoil, fill (call it what you like) arrives on site? Is it stock piled and then dealt with by bulldozers all wrapped up to prevent noise emissions after midnight? After all, WIAL is operating an airport with little concern about noise pollution impacting on its good neighbours.

  3. Kb, 30. November 2015, 19:05

    I still have a hard time accepting the basic underlying case for expansion, considering the lack of long haul flights to Christchurch airport.

  4. Peter Lucas, 1. December 2015, 9:42

    Its worth noting Infratil’s airport track record: in 2009, Infratil forced the City of Lubeck to buy back Infratil’s holding because passenger numbers failed to read an agreed threshold. In 2013, Infratil reduced the value of both its UK airport assets from £14.5m to zero, selling Manston Airport to a British company for £1. Prestwick was also expected to sell for the same.

  5. Peter Lucas, 1. December 2015, 9:49

    Indepth economic critical analysis by Keith Johnson is worth reading.

  6. Dr Sea Rotmann, 1. December 2015, 12:54

    There really is nothing good in it for the public – if no extra long-haul flight ever comes, which is likely seeing all the demand forecasts were highly inflated and due to serious safety concerns, it’s us who would have paid to despoil the South Coast, our wonderful surf beach and suffered years of traffic jams, noise and dust pollution as well as multi-generational debt and rate increases. But the airport will still be laughing as they’ll have an increased asset base with which to fleece everyone using the airport and can then sell it to the highest bidder. No long-haul planes needed!