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Hollywood memorabilia and local material ready for movie museum

News from Movie Museum Ltd
The team behind a long-awaited Movie Museum for Wellington today presented their vision to the Wellington City Council, which could see the Museum move a step closer to realisation.

The Movie Museum Limited (TMML) is the company formed by Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor to realise their dream of a movie museum in Wellington which brings together material from their many film projects as well their own world-renowned movie collections,

TMML Project Director George Hickton said Wellington has, for the past two decades, been synonymous with world-class film-making.

“For much of that time, the driving force behind Wellington’s success has been Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor and their partners Fran Walsh and Tania Rodger as well as the Weta Group of companies they established on the Miramar Peninsula.

“From small beginnings, Wellington is today a thriving centre of film-making creativity and excellence, creating thousands of jobs for New Zealanders and attracting major film and television productions and some of the best directors, producers, actors, artists and technicians from around the world.”

The Movie Museum will span the award-winning, Hollywood-scale productions the Weta Group of Companies has helped bring to the big screen through to the earlier home-grown movies, and will also encompass one of the most valuable collections of Hollywood memorabilia anywhere in the world.

The Movie Museum will bring together and showcase that work to locals and visitors, creating a new tourism drawcard for the centre of Wellington.

“There is a vast collection of incredible material from the world-famous movies that have been worked on by the companies in Miramar. What is less well-known is that Peter and Fran, Richard and Tania also have their own personal collections of film and television memorabilia which is one of the best in the world.”

The Movie Museum will be a home for thousands of the priceless designs, props, models and set pieces from the numerous film productions, from whole worlds to single weapons, creatures to costumes, make-up to miniatures, vehicles and more — an astonishing archive of Wellington filmmaking has been collected, curated and is ready to be shared.

“It is a museum which could only be realised in Wellington,” said Mr Hickton.

The company’s founders all live in Wellington and it is also the place that some 2,000 talented filmmakers and craftspeople call home.

“The Movie Museum will celebrate their work, bringing the film industry closer to the people and communities which support it. It will also be a tourist attraction that is the envy of cities around the world and another jewel in the crown of Wellington’s visitor attractions, building on other initiatives that already attract international and local movie fans.”

It is expected that the Movie Museum will offer permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, a retail shop, cafe and permanent offices.

The presentation to Council was part of consideration of a new site and co-location with the proposed Wellington Convention Centre. The Movie Museum and Convention Centre are both among the Council’s big ideas for stimulating economic growth over the coming decade.

Mr Hickton said the new site presents exciting opportunities for the Museum which has explored a range of previous sites.

As with other similar developments, it is envisioned that the WCC would provide TMML with a long-term lease of purpose-built premises that will be constructed and owned by the Council. TMML would be responsible for the fit-out, operation and maintenance of its facility.

The benefits for investing would include potential economic growth, as well as the direct and indirect benefits of increased tourist visits to Wellington and further job creation in the film and creative arts and museum sectors.

Mr Hickton said following the Wellington City Council decision, work was beginning on concepts and designs for the Museum to be co-located with the Convention Centre.

“The team behind The Movie Museum have a vision for a truly world-class, internationally-renowned movie museum which adds to the creative reputation of Wellington and the many innovative and inspiring tourist attractions already on offer,” Mr Hickton said.

“We look forward to sharing more details once we are further along with our planning and design work.”