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  1. Roland Harmer, 15. December 2015, 3:48

    A couple of further points:

    Stavanger, Norway, has decided to introduce trolleybuses for their BRT system. http://www.trolleymotion.eu/www/index.php?id=38&L=3&n_ID=2378

    There are, according to Trolleymotion, 305 trolleybus systems worldwide – not the 127 total given in the Jacobs report. http://www.trolleymotion.eu/www/index.php?id=4&L=3

    In Western Europe trolleybus use did decline in the 1960s and 70s but in the last 20 or so years the situation has become stable with modest growth – for instance Lublin and Salzburg.

  2. Tim Jones, 16. December 2015, 17:47

    A very disappointing decision and one that sends a terrible signal about Wellington’s commitment as a city and region to taking meaningful action on climate change, not to mention becoming a more liveable and people-friendly city.

  3. Curtis Nixon, 16. December 2015, 18:08

    Get rid of the GWRC

  4. luke, 16. December 2015, 18:20


  5. Wendy Donald, 16. December 2015, 18:48

    So soon after the Paris agreement, what a backward step!

  6. Mark W, 16. December 2015, 21:22

    Oh the irony…first the report that NZ needs to step up its game given the Paris Climate Accord, and then we get rid of our electric trolleybuses and replace them with diesels…Lets get rid of the GWRC once and for all

  7. Roland Harmer, 17. December 2015, 0:20

    In Europe, China and North America the move is towards the electrictification of urban street transport. In France over 20 tram systems have been installed – in Britain six systems have been put in and they are growing. Montreal is considering using trolleybuses. Elsewhere in Europe trolleybuses with batteries are being used to extend trolleybus use beyond the wires – Lanskrona and Eberswalde as well as Linz, mentioned by Cllr Bruce earlier.

    There are many statements in the PWC report that are questionable. Let’s hope that this decision can be reversed.

  8. Simon Atkinson, 3. January 2016, 17:09

    Keep the trolleybuses going. Greater Wellngton Regional Council need to look at 4 case studies. Shanghai in China which is the oldest network in the world that has been going since 1914. Moscow in USSR with the world’s largest trolleybus network of 104 routes with 1740 trolleybuses according to Wikipedia. (Another source: 97 routes served by 1598 trolleybuses according to Trolleymotion) and 8 depots. The 2nd largest trolleybus network is in Minsk in Belerus with 1031 trolleybuses to cover 60 routes. Look at Moscow and Minsk: they have been renewing their fleet in a very big way especially Minsk. Minsk as of 1 year ago has a 90% wheelchair accessible trolleybus fleet. And also look at the Crimea interurban trolleybus system between Simferopol and Yalta of90 km long that started in 1959 because it was too steep for the trains to climb up a hill. Imagine catching a trolleybus from Wellington to Levin. That is how long the route is. Hope GW will look at these case studies.