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Free rides: hybrid Volvo bus trial in CBD

News from Greater Wellington Regional Council
A hybrid bus is coming to Wellington on Wednesday and Wellingtonians are encouraged to get on board for a taste of the new bus future, says Paul Swain, Greater Wellington Regional Council’s public transport portfolio leader.

“Hybrid buses – a combination of diesel and electric power – are part of our transition path to a fully electric bus fleet in the longer term. The Council has decided that we want the Wellington City bus fleet to include 10 high capacity double-decker hybrid buses from 2018.

“Volvo has recently brought a single-decker hybrid bus to New Zealand and we’ll be hosting it in Wellington next Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for people to get on board, free of charge, and experience low emission, modern bus technology and travel.

“I’d really encourage people to take a ride if they can.”

The next day, (Thursday 14 January) the bus will run regular Johnsonville and Newlands services as part of a three-week demonstration being undertaken by Mana Newlands Coach Services.

Catch a free ride on a hybrid bus on the Golden Mile

1pm – 3pm Wednesday 13 January

The bus will travel between Wellington Railway Station (departing from Stop C) and Courtenay Place, stopping at all stops along the Golden Mile.


  1. Mary M, 8. January 2016, 7:34

    The ratepayers have already been taken for a ride! Another unnecessary big spend up on “transition” diesel buses.
    The (illegal) planting of an unsustainable Rockefeller employee/officer in the WCC.
    Using ratepayers’ borrowing and funding to increase Volvo profits and build hedge funds.

  2. Rosamund, 8. January 2016, 9:01

    I agree with Mary. Mike Mendonca the Rockefeller implant was an employee of WCC. Will he be answerable to us and subject to LGOIMA requests? But more importantly, what is his “real” role. Who will own him???

    Double decker buses on the Highbury, Mt.Victoria and other curvaceous routes, the mind boggles!

  3. Mark W, 11. January 2016, 11:05

    “Hybrid buses – a combination of diesel and electric power – are part of our transition path to a fully electric bus fleet in the longer term.” – Oh the irony, considering trolleybuses are fully electric and can also work off battery.

    If we bought brand new trolleybuses like Beijing and Shanghai, we would be better for it.

    God forbid the current crop of bus drivers trying to drive a Double Decker on the current routes when they can’t even drive the current buses properly.

  4. Paul Ross, 11. January 2016, 13:08

    Utter lunacy. Does Paul Swain live in the same Wellington I do?

  5. Wellington Commuter, 11. January 2016, 14:22

    Well, Paul Swain is elected to represent Upper Hutt on the Greater Wellington Regional Council. I would presume he also lives in Upper Hutt and is not a Wellington City resident.

  6. Nora, 11. January 2016, 16:38

    I recall Paul Swain during the flyover debate saying that the people in his electorate supported it. Some of us had to remind him that the flyover was not going to carry traffic to the airport, but only traffic heading away from it!