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Coughlan says ‘I can win,’ accuses other candidates of hidden agendas

Press Release – Jo Coughlan
Mayoral Candidate Jo Coughlan said today it has become clear that mayoral candidates are running with hidden agendas and some still clearly did not understand they are running in a STV not FPP election.

Coughlan called on all the candidates to ‘front up’ to voters and declare their true intentions as to why they are standing.

“We need new leadership at Wellington City Council,” Coughlan said. “However it is amazing that some candidates are not prepared to state clearly their real intention for standing and don’t seem to understand the STV voting system used in the Capital.

“It is most unlikely, if not impossible, for one candidate to win over 50% of first preferences in a STV election in Wellington.

“What the polling is showing is that there is real momentum behind my campaign – more than any other.

“I am making it very clear that I am standing for the Mayoralty, not as a ward councillor and not to raise my profile for a tilt at parliament. I call on all other candidates to publicly state their real intentions.

“So far we have a number of candidates standing with various agendas including increasing their chances of re-election to Council, election to parliament and even to gain profile to look at establishing a new centre-left political party.

“Wellington voters deserve a mayor who will lead the city and is 100% committed to running for the right reasons.

“The other candidates need to come clean otherwise their intentions might seem a bit ‘murky’.”

Coughlan said she was very pleased with the feedback she had been receiving that her campaign was very visible and her campaign messages including ‘four lanes to the planes’ and ‘toot for a second tunnel’ showed unambiguous leadership in terms of fixing Wellington’s roading problems.

“My campaign is gaining good traction. The polling shows that with good support with second, third and fourth preferences from those supporting other candidates, I can win in the final count.

“My promise is to get Wellington ready for the next 100 years of growth and make this city a place where future generations can thrive.

“We need to secure the $1 billion of government funding for roads and cycle ways and we should not settle for less. I will lead this city and take our agenda to Government, identify areas of commonality for NZ Inc, and agree a course of action for the growth of the Capital and the part government can play in that.”

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  1. Jack Little, 28. July 2016, 20:14

    ok so we have a clear unequivocal statement from Jo Coughlan on her intentions. What about Lester: will he rule out standing in Ohariu even if he doesnt become mayor? What about Celia: will she rule out regional council and give her best for mayor? What about Nick: will he deny ANY discussions (including emails) about a new centre political party and using the mayorlty as a power base – and will he rule out running for central govement?

  2. Charlotte, 28. July 2016, 20:32

    Good to see these questions being asked out in the open. As a Green supporter I am being increasingly worried about how I can vote.
    I am not sure who is closer to Labour – Celia or Justin. I can’t vote for Labour as they won’t agree to Metiria’s visionary housing policy. And they have not left enough room for two buses to pass in Island Bay with their cycleway debacle.

    Leggett wants to recreate a socially soft right wing party. Media question – is he renting or does he own?

    Amazingly I am coming around to Coughlan. She seems to care about jobs. I like her high tech fieldays idea. Her pest policy is great (I loved her sense of humour over the rat from the north). And to be honest we do need to sort out the basin and tunnels. My bus is held up every day coming in from Island Bay. And she has ideas about an iconic cycleway – that will be consulted on.

  3. Warren, 28. July 2016, 20:49

    Good on Jo Coughlan for being clear about that. It’s an important issue because I want a mayor who genuinely wants to be mayor and not anything else. Surely if the answer is No to these questions then it’s very easy for the other candidates to be clear and honest about their positions. If they don’t answer I think it raises questions about what else they won’t tell us and their general honesty with voters.

  4. Justine Beattie, 28. July 2016, 21:24

    At least we know Helene Ritchie will stand for everything possible! What is the new political party Jack? We’ve got enough already.

  5. Rufus Sixsmith, 28. July 2016, 21:36

    I don’t believe Jo can have done any credible STV polling given the candidates aren’t finally announced.

  6. Donald McGregor, 28. July 2016, 22:00

    Jack Little: Jo DIDN’T state she wouldn’t apply for another job when she fails to win the mayoralty (as you are asking Justin to).

    Celia would have to wait 3 years for the next Regional Council election (and she wants the WCC to absorb the Regional Council responsibilities). And Nick??? …. the carpetbagger ….. even supported by the “old regime’s” money, has to look for a new job in October so he can support a young family.

  7. Sarah, 28. July 2016, 22:21

    What pious nonsense. It’s a pity Jo won’t come clean about who is funding her megabucks campaign – Y&R have done the work on designing her ‘very visible’ billboards. Those trips to China on the ratepayer have clearly been lucrative!

    She has consistently denied being a member of the National Party, until the Wellington Central electorate chair accidentally outed her when he emailed the local Nat members telling them ‘Jo is a loyal member of the Party’. Running for the mayoralty is a good profile builder for her to get the nomination for Ōhāriu. Maybe she should do a press release about that?

  8. Helene Ritchie, 29. July 2016, 6:20

    This mayoral election is a lottery…and voters will be looking behind the mayoral masks and glib public relations spin. The issues ( and politics) are too important for Wellington voters and ratepayers.
    Mayor of Wellington – Candidate.

  9. Ian Apperley, 29. July 2016, 9:57

    Does anyone care?

  10. Hayley Robinson, 29. July 2016, 12:04

    Cr Coughlan, if elected will you continue using ratepayer’s money to subsidise private companies? I ask this as a voter who is sick of her dollars going to established businesses. I am not running for anything.

  11. Tupeke, 29. July 2016, 13:12

    Read Overall Bottom rankings for councillors.

  12. Charlotte, 29. July 2016, 14:18

    Sarah: You should get together with Nicola Young as you have much in common.

  13. Warren, 29. July 2016, 15:48

    Ian Apperley, yes this matters because we need to know where candidates stand on things and how they really feel about the honour of being Mayor. Would you have voted for Celia if you knew she was going to build the airport runway extension by donating public funds to Justin Lester’s supporter Tim Brown / Infratil to make it happen?