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Fringe-dwelling artist and activist joins mayoral race

News from Johnny Overton
Johnny Overton, a fringe dwelling guerrilla gardener, artist and political activist, will represent the ‘Localisation Party’ in Wellington’s mayoral race.

His ‘voice in the wilderness’ role in the election has been partly inspired by the view that: a messy end to the world as we know it is inevitable, but if NZ rejects globalisation & embraces radical localisation now, we may survive the chaos to come.

Here in Wellington, making this transition from green washed business as usual to the visionary new, would firstly involve halting the grandiose conference centre, film museum, airport runway extension, Basin Reserve & Chinese garden projects. Then we could get on with focusing on the basics & such things as: developing & implementing a trail blazing future proofing vision, decentralisation, fostering grass-roots initiative, creating affordable multi-purpose built environments, food, water & energy security, innovative transportation solutions, regaining control over essential resources, infra-structure & services & relocating central government & civil defence.

A vote for Johnny will be a thumbs up to stands being made against the establishment’s globalisation agenda, & for alternative views.

Lord Ayvan, founder of the Localisation party, would ultimately like to see the eventual establishment of an innovative, sustainable, uniquely constituted, ‘New Zealand Confederacy’. He believes this confederacy of autonomous cities & regions could become a blueprint, for a post-globalisation world.


  1. Trish, 2. August 2016, 14:42

    Jonny’s got my No 1. Then Keith’s gonna get No 2. They deserve the encouragement.

  2. Mark Shanks, 3. August 2016, 8:31

    Go Johnny go..so much common sense! Sooner rather than later we need to move away from ‘politicians’ who continually dream up schemes for debt fuelled growth and vote for ‘people’ who have valid grassroots schemes to create a sustainable Wellington

  3. time for change, 3. August 2016, 9:14

    At least newly elected mayor Helene Ritchie will have a like-minded for deputy mayor. Sorry Andy.

  4. Sandy, 6. August 2016, 18:13

    Great. He’ll get my number 1, then Helene and Keith – only ones against the stupid runway extension!