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Thefts from homes and cars continuing in Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay

News from NZ Police
Burglaries and thefts from unlocked vehicles and homes are continuing on the Kapiti Coast, particularly around Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay.

Trailers and tools have been a popular target and Police are urging residents to ensure these items are secured and, where possible, kept out of sight.

Detective Sergeant Rebecca Cotton, of the Kapiti Mana Tactical Crime Unit, said: “Despite the targeting of insecure property being highlighted in the media last month, the trend has continued which is disappointing for both Police and victims of these opportunistic crimes.”

“Police are working hard to reduce victimisation as part of the Prevention First strategy, but we need the community to assist us by reducing their own risk and securing their property.”

This includes ensuring that their homes, garages and any vehicles in driveways are left locked when not in use, regardless of whether occupants are on the property at the time.

Kapiti Mana Police are committed to dedicating staff and technology to the prevention and investigation of burglaries and dishonesty offending. There is a focus on crime ‘hotspots’ and Police are increasing patrols to minimise further victimisation.

“We recognise the impact crime has on victims, and will continue to prioritise our proactive tactics as appropriate,” said Detective Sergeant Cotton. “Our aim is to make sure people feel safe in their communities.”

Anyone who sees anything suspicious in their neighbourhood that could be linked to a crime is asked to call their local Police station, or leave information anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. ENDS

1 comment:

  1. Chris Calvi-Freeman, 3. August 2016, 9:38

    This rash of burglaries over recent months is continuing throughout Kapiti, including Waikanae where I have property and have been affected. There must be a whole new or recidivist gang targeting this area.

    Incidentally, since when did the police start to misuse the term “victimisation” in this context? Victims of crime are victims, they haven’t been “victimised” unless the perpetrators deliberately set out to identify and victimise their targets, which is doubtful in this context. It’s a bit similar to how people are now “trespassed” from premises. No they’re not.