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Vets applaud council decision to make microchipping of cats compulsory

News from NZVA
The Wellington City Council’s compulsory microchipping of cats has been applauded by the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA), a member of the National Cat Management Strategy Group, as an important step forward in promoting animal welfare and responsible cat ownership.

Society is increasingly recognising that the wellbeing of animals, humans and the environment is inseparable. Responsible ownership of cats is a good example of this; and ensuring that these valued companions are identified is critical to protecting their wellbeing. Wellington City Council is showing leadership in helping to ensure that lost or injured cats are returned safely to their owners as soon as possible. It’s a decision that is good for cats, and good for their owners.

“Identification is a fundamental tool for improving the welfare of animals,” states Callum Irvine, Head of Veterinary Services at the NZVA. “The presence of a microchip is critical to enable veterinarians, welfare agencies and others to make appropriate decisions about the cats that are presented to them. This step by Wellington City Council will protect owned cats and will see us make gains in animal welfare in the region.”

Microchipping the capital’s cats will be supported by local veterinarians. “The NZVA’s position is that microchips should be implanted under best practice conditions by veterinarians. However in the interest of delivering this to the community, other appropriately trained implanters may be required,” added Callum Irvine.

The NZVA has been working with partners through the National Cat Management Strategy Group for two years to deliver a strategic framework to enable communities and government to address the issue of cat management in New Zealand. The Group has recognised that it is essential that cats are responsibly owned and identified, and is working towards all cats in NZ being microchipped and identified on a national data base.


  1. time for change, 4. August 2016, 21:08

    Surprise, surprise, vets welcome new business.

  2. Mosey, 5. August 2016, 4:14

    There are around 20,000 non-feral cats in Wellington without micro-chips. With ad ons this policy will probably be worth about $2 million to local vets. Of course these people are happy.

  3. CPH, 5. August 2016, 7:27

    Translation: Vets welcome the council’s decision to increase their profits at the expense of Wellington residents.

  4. Sekhmet Bast Ra, 9. August 2016, 5:01

    Vets making an earn is not the important part of the issue, though Nygllhuw Morris of NZ Companion Animal Register must be wondering how he will fill the demand for microchips. This piece of news really needs to be read alongside the press release from the NZ Veterinary Association. In our view it amounts to one creepy piece of candy coated social engineering poison. Safe and sound eh? We and our Cats were just fine until this business was laid on us, now we feel anything but ‘safe and sound’.

    Compulsory Microchipping = Mass Exterminations as we have demonstrated via the leaked documentation from WCC. Your silence will not save you, mobilise and actively oppose them all. For if you do not, there will soon come a time when you will not be allowed to keep a Cat.