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Have you paid? MetLink introducing ticket checkpoints at train stations

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MetLink announced today that it is introducing what it calls “ticket checkpoints” to check that travellers on Wellington trains have paid the correct fare. It says these “occasional checks” will involve barriers at stations. It says the barriers may cause delays.

News from MetLink
Wellington’s public transport system is funded by taxpayers, ratepayers and customers who purchase tickets to use the trains. Ticket revenue helps fund the rail service and contributes to the upkeep of our rail infrastructure – which includes maintenance of trains and stations. Ticket revenue helps keep the contribution from rates down, and also keeps the fares affordable.

In order to keep fares as affordable as possible it is important that all users pay the correct amount for the entire journey. We are introducing ticket checkpoints to encourage commuters to “pay their fare share”.

These are not being put in place permanently but will be used as an occasional check.

Ticket checkpoints

Checking tickets periodically is good business sense, and which many other businesses do to ensure that customers have paid for goods.

To ensure everyone pays their fare share we are introducing ticket checkpoints for some services every so often.

You will be asked to show your ticket when you leave the train. We will try and make this process as quick as possible. There will be a barrier to pass through but we will keep everyone moving.

Please keep in mind that:

you must keep your ticket safe, undamaged and unaltered for your journey
you need to pay the correct fare for your journey

You can find out more about tickets and fares in the Conditions of Carriage (Page 4):

We apologise for any delay in getting off the train due to our ticket checkpoints.

If you would like more information on ticket checkpoints or you would like to provide feedback please complete our online feedback form.
Where to buy your ticket

There are a number of ways that you can purchase tickets:

On the train from Metlink staff with cash
From ticket offices at the larger stations
Ticket agents around the region
We also have monthly passes and ten-trip tickets for regular commuters.
You can find more information on purchasing tickets in Where to buy your ticket

1 comment:

  1. IanS, 11. November 2016, 20:44

    Come on Metlink – get together with Auckland Transport and ask the Government to change the law so that mufti inspectors can be on any train at any time and having an incorrect ticket means an instant $100+ fine. (In EU it is an instant Euro100 fine). Good, cheap and convenient public transport systems needs all users paying their way. But ticket options also need to change to make it easier for regular and casual users to buy the right ticket.

    The $40m wasteful “ticket gates at stations” to police tickets proposal is stupid and must be reconsidered. Change the law and institute random ticket checks with fines that hurt to change the “rip-off culture”.