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“Our mental health system is in crisis”

Dear people of the Wellington region,
We represent mental health nurses and staff from Capital and Coast DHB. Like you, we were deeply concerned at the findings of the recent review into our service.

It’s a big step for us to speak out, but there are some things we need to tell you, on behalf of our colleagues, our clients and our communities.

We know our mental health system is in crisis. We don’t want to make excuses. But every day, we’re struggling to do our jobs.

Here’s one example. At one of our work sites, the alarm system has a 15-second delay. And that can be the difference between life and death – for clients and for staff.

We have been asking for a new system for 2 years. We’re still waiting.

Through our union, the Public Service Association Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi, we’ve asked the Health Minister Jonathan Coleman time and time again to address our concerns. But he maintains there is no problem.

Dr Coleman says he’s increased funding to mental health. But it isn’t enough.

He needs to take responsibility for this broken system, and do what he can to fix it.

We promise we’re doing our best. And we will keep asking for a better deal for our clients and communities.

PSA Mental Health Delegates

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  1. Ian Apperley, 10. February 2017, 13:40

    Agreed. Add to that a complete lack of accountability from the CCDHB Board and you have a recipe for disaster that is all too often delivering.