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Greg O’Connor committed to defeating Peter Dunne in Ohariu electorate

News from NZ Labour Party
“Having won the hotly contested nomination to be the Labour Party candidate for Ōhāriu, I now look forward to focusing on the battle ahead to win the seat back for Labour,” the newly selected Labour Party candidate, Greg O’Connor said today.

“I am under no illusions it will be an easy job, however the selection meeting on Sunday attracted an enthusiastic, energised and diverse group of supporters who are committed to not only winning the seat, but also changing the Government.”

Mr O’Connor’s selection as candidate was announced by the Labour Party President Nigel Haworth following a very well-attended meeting in Johnsonville on Sunday afternoon.

Mr O’Connor has previously lived, worked and played for sports teams in the Ōhāriu electorate, which extends from Wadestown in the south to Tawa in the north, and has strong ties to the community.

As the former Police Association President he has considerable interests and skills, developed while leading its commercial arm, which oversees a large property portfolio.

He is also active in the Intellectual Disability sector and is a Director of a commercial business.

“The decision to stand for Ōhāriu was an easy and logical one as it gives me the opportunity to utilise the skills I have developed over the years to advocate for the electorate, and on the national stage” Mr O’Connor says.

News from Labour Party – February 12
Greg O’Connor has been selected as the Labour Party candidate for Ohariu for the 2017 General Election. Labour Party members met this afternoon in Ohariu to select their candidate from two nominees.

“I am honoured to be chosen as Labour’s candidate for the 2017 election and I look forward to what will be a formidable contest to become the MP for Ohariu,” said Greg O’Connor. “I will use the strong advocacy skills I developed in my previous role as Police Association President to represent the people of Ohariu.”

Labour’s President Nigel Haworth said: “Greg brings an unique set of skills and experience to Labour and will be an excellent advocate for the electorate. Our focus now is on electing a strong, Labour-led government next year that will rise to the challenge, back the Kiwi Dream and build a better New Zealand.”

Media release from Greg O’Connor on February 2
Former Police Association President Greg O’Connor this week confirmed he is seeking the Labour Party nomination to stand in the Ohariu Seat.

“For the last 20 years, I have successfully advocated for Police Officers, nationally and internationally, and I now seek to use those skills to represent the people of Ohariu. I want to be part of a government which is focused on ensuring all New Zealanders receive proper housing, education, health care and jobs. And part of a government that strives for a safe and secure society for all its members”, Mr O’Connor said.

“I have a strong sense of social responsibility, and the ideals and ethos of the Labour Party, which demand a fair go and opportunities for all New Zealanders, made the decision to join them a natural one”, he went on to say.

“I have lived, worked and played for sports teams in the Ohariu electorate over many years, and have close ties to the community, so standing in that electorate is a natural fit”.

Greg has considerable interests and skills beyond the Police environment, learned while leading the commercial arm of the Police Association which oversees a large commercial and property portfolio. He is also active in the Intellectual Disability sector and is a Director of a commercial business.

“The prospect of representing the Ohariu Electorate on the national stage is exciting, and presents an opportunity to contribute to making New Zealand a prosperous and great place to live for all New Zealanders”, he said.

Mr O’Connor did point out it will be a challenge to beat the long serving incumbent, but said that if he was selected, he would have an enthusiastic and talented team to work with to bring a fresh approach to representing Ohariu, and would use his strong advocacy skills to represent the people of the electorate.

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